Kulkurit ry and Autetaan Eläimiä ry rescues - 10% off prices


Kulkurit ry and Autetaan Eläimiä ry rescues - 10% off prices

Doghotel Espoo is a high quality, cageless accommodation mainly for Koiraparkki daycare customers, pls check the general requirements!

Dog Hotel Espoo, Latokaski

Kulkurit ry and Autetaan Eläimiä ry rescues - 10% off prices

Doghotel Prices incl full board :

  • incl VAT 24%
  • Prices incl food (kibble, fresh food, raw food,)
  • Outings and walks in the forests and fields, visits to dogpark, free access to garden
  • Accommodation homelike, cageless in an open pack environment, always dog caretaker watching and monitoring, dogs are never left alone
  • Check in /out always agreed separately, no set times
  • Night is max 24 hrs,  after that additional hourly rates apply!
  • Bookings confirmed in writing min 7 nights before
  • Canx fees apply, terms specified in booking confirmation
  • Koiraparkki reserves the right to cancel the booking if the dog does not fit into open pack environment, 
  • check our requirements !
High season and public holidays price increase +20% :
 winter hols wk 7, 8 and 9, Easter holidays, Midsummer hols, month of July, Autum school hols wk 41 & 42, Christmas and New Years wks


General requirements for day care, book by hour and dog hotel

Requirements for your dog to attend:.

All dogs should come to introductory visit about 1 hrs. Also, all dogs are evaluated  during free assessment day  before accepted to daycare or to dog hotel. No exceptions! We evaluate character and behavior during assessment day. Should we come to conclusion that your dog does not fit into our open pack settings (aggression, agitation, panic attac etc), we have the right to cancel your booking.

Puppies must be min 5 mnths old in order to attend.

Prices listed above. If you have more than one dog, please ask for a quite. For further information pls contact us. 

For un-neutered males please note that should the dog spray inside our premises, we will use male belt/diapers. This does not cause problems or uncomfort to your dog.

If your dog requires special attention (post operation, old age, rehab, problem behavior) please contact us for consultation.

For doghotel bookings longer than 7 nights ask for package price.


  1. We check all vaccination certs and passport before your dog is accepted to attend. Registration form must be filled out before attending for the first time.
  2. Your dog must be min 5 mnths old in order to attend, all vaccinations must be up to date.
  3. Your dog must be socialized, is not aggressive or dominant towards other dogs. Your dog is not getting panicked or anxious when in pack with bigger, smaller, older or younger dogs, is not getting agitated by other breeds. and doesn’t stress by being left with us.
  4. Your dog must be house broken and well exercised before attending, always make sure that your dog has done his morning bathroom routine.  In worse case we  end up cleaning after your dog and will charge you 15 euros cleaning fee.
  5. Your dog must be healthy, we do not allow sick dogs or dogs showing symptoms of illness attend.  If your dog gets sick while with us, we will take your dog to a vet at your cost. If the dog is taken to a vet due to our actions or negligence we will cover all costs.
  6. If our dog is in heat, she can not attend. Also there is a grace period of 5-6 wks after the bleeding stops before she can attend. 
  7. Also check the specifics below re your chosen service:


  • Daycare bookings are always binding, cancellation without a canxfee day before latest at 6 pm 
  • Cancellations and changes can be made by phone, email or txt message. Always wait for confirmation.
  • Late cancellation or NoShow cases cancellation fees apply! Usually we charge 50% -100%  of the full price, depending how late you cancel.
  • More than one dog? Check with us for discounted prices.
  •  NoShow = full price charged

Book by hour please note:

  • Bookings are subject to availability at daycare.
  • All night bookings for 18 -21  are subject to staff being available  
  • Booking by hour during day time  is MIN 2 hrs long / 16 € per 2 first hours, and the following hours after that are 7 euros per hour, charged at the hour,  
  • Bookings must be made latest 24 hours in advance, we do not accept the same day bookings.
  • For hourly  or nightwatch  bookings cancellations without fees accepted  latest 24 hrs before, after that we will charge you the full price.
  • The  other requirements are otherwise the same as with daycare and dog hotel. Please read the rules and regulations!


  1. Same general requirements (above) re dogs and behavior apply!
  2. We do not accept dog to check in without a written confirmation from us.
  3. Check in/out times must be agreed upon latest 24 hrs before, we do not allow anybody except for the owner to pick the dog up. 
  4. We do not clean eyes, ears, clip nails, wash or groom your dog, except when dirty from walks or outings.
  5. Medication or administrating medicine is not a problem, if your dog gets sick otherwise, or gets into an accident etc  and needs urgent care, we will get him to a vet asap without contacting owners. The cost will be paid by us and  later we will sort out the final payee. 
  6. If your dog causes serious problems or is danger to others, or to our staff,  your dog will be removed asap from the premises at owners cost.
  7. Cancellations can be made without canx fees up to 5 days before the start of booking. Cancellation  must be done in writing. Cancellation later that that canx fees apply. Check the canx terms on your confirmation. Cancellation fee is usually 30% – 100% of the total price depending how late we receive the cancellation. 
  8. Cancellation less than 25 hrs before start of holiday is considered NoShow and we will charge the full price. 
  9. Hotel night is max 24 hrs, additional hours after that are invoiced at hourly rate. Fail to pick up on agreed time additional fee  10 € per h first 4 hrs and after that 50 €   fee is charged.  Pick up without notice day earlier than agreed is not an entitlement to a discount.
    Pick up /Drop off service  available at a fee, contact us for a quote.
  10. Price is incl. insurance, vat, 24%, food & treats and all walks and outings and visits to dogpark.