We are looking after your dog

It does matter whom you leave your dog with.
All our employees are certified professionals with a degree in Animal care.
Some of us are studying to become Animal Care professionals and are doing practical training or competence showing for graduation at our venues. But even these are experienced dog handlers.

We do not use temps or free volunteers.
We all have an extensive knowledge of different breeds and breed specific behavior and have generally been around dogs for years.
You will see us around at all our venues, that is how we ensure the same level of service regardless where you take your pup.
Your trust is important to us and therefore we want you to learn to know our team better. You can get all your questions answered and problems solved on one go with any of our staff member.

We all share a common love for dogs, professional attitude, no-nonsense approach and wicked sense of humor. That gets the job done.
Thank you for trusting us to take care of your dog!

Koiraparkki team