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Midsummer opening hours

Koiraparkki doggy daycare is closed for Midsummer weekend Fri 21.6 - Sun 23.6.We are open again from Mon 24.6 onwards normally throughout the summer.For more info contact +358 456 133212 tai info(at) koiraparkki.com

Come and play with us! Join our trips to dogparks and walkies! Go on holiday, we look after your pup!
Come and play with us! Join our trips to dogparks and walkies! Go on holiday, we look after your pup!

oiraparkki.com is luxurious and cage free Dog Daycare & Dog Hotel concept with locations in Espoo, Kamppi and Herttoniemi. You might have spotted a fun filled pack of 10 dogs walking around the city - that is us!We are known for high standards, active and fun daily  workouts and strong work ethics. All our employees are experienced and cerfitied Animal Care takers - your pup is in good hands!

Dogs are social beings and need interaction with other dogs. They love running free and play dates with friends – just like you and me. Why not offer your dog the best possible experience while you are at work, holiday or otherwise busy.

Bring your dog to us!
We have been operating since 2015 in Helsinki and Espoo, and in Herttoniemi since 2021.

Koiraparkki.com is for all kinds of dogs regardless of breed, size, age and gender.  Our dogs are off leash in an open pack settings – under the watchful eye of our professional staff. At hotels we have staff onsite 24/7!

Every day we go to long walkies in nature, visiting different dog parks  – sometimes for hours – so that your dog gets new experiences and new smells, dogs can run and play! 

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koiraparkki.com koirapäivähoito

Kamppi 2015, Espoo 2016 and Herttoniemi 2021

Bring your pup to us!

At dog daycare and dog hotel your dog enjoys activities and plays with friends at dogparks. You can have a quiet evening or enjoy our holiday in peace! Check below our services

For puppies and  dogs that suffer anxieties or are socially challenged, dog daycare can be a really good place to learn new skills and behavior in safe environment. 

Should you need to board your dog at dog hotel during your holidays, we can do that too –  our 2 doghotels are luxurius home like and cage free.

Bear in mind that all our employees are professional  Certified Animal Care takers so your dog is really in good hands 24/7.

At Koiraparkki your dog has safe, fairly active, stimulating and homelike environment, lots of furry friends and things to do. We are by far the best place for your dog – a home away from home

What is a dog daycare like?
Our doggycares are in Helsinki Kamppi and Herttoniemi, and in Espoo Latokaski. You'll find pictures and more information about the Helsinki Kamppi Dog daycare by clicking on Lissu below.
What is a dog hotel?
The dog hotel is like a hotel for humans! What services are available for dogs and what type of accommodation is provided ?Windi can tell you more...

The world of Koiraparkki

Koiraparkki.com has also got a Dog School with professional Dog Trainer Jasmin Tolvanen. This is for those who might have some behavioral problems. Check this out!
What does it look like in a dog daycare? What do dogs do during the day at the daycare or at doggy hotel? There are lots of articles and media clips about us in the press. Let Alma guide you....