Koiraparkki open normally during epidemy

Koiraparkki Kamppi and Latokaski open  

Monday – Friday
07 – 18

Doghotel Perro operating 24/7 as usual

Dog drop off and pick up during epidemy

We want to protect our personell and our 2 legged clients from the virus infection so we have implemented following options for check-in and pick-up :

-You can bring your dog to us safely, we serve only one client in the lobby at a time

-You can bring your dog in by letting it lose in the vestibule without coming in to the lobby, same with pick-up. 

-You can call ahead and ask for curbside drop off and pick up, as we are happy to come and get our dog for you. You don’t need to get out of your car 

Please let us know when making your booking if you need curbside drop off or pick up! You can book by phone or by txt msg or email

IT IS SAFE TO BRING YOUR DOG TO US – at the moment there is no evidence that dogs are carriers or spreading  COVID 19, so we people are safe with your dog even if you are sick or symptomatic. Please do not bring your dog to us yourself if you are sick or having symptoms or have a suspection of being a carrier of Korona virus. Please ask a friend or a neighbor for assistance.

We at Koiraparkki have a very high standard of hygiene and clean all premises thoroughly daily, also we clean all doors, door handles, all surfaces in the lobby several times a day and provide hand sanitizer also to our clients in the lobby.  Also we ensure our own hand hygiene after each customer and when handling dogs leashes and harnesses. 

During the korona epidemy your dog is surely over the moon that his pack is staying at home, 


Is it safe for you to be out with your dog, to go to dogparks and walk out on the streets

-Your dog is happy and active and playful when you are at home with him, but can you get any work done, talk over the phone and concentrate when your dog demands attention

-is your dog bored or getting frustrated being isolated from friends and being stuck with you the whole day, not be able to go and play with other dogs at dogpark, go to other activities or have normal routines?

-how much is the change of routines effecting your dog, is he getting too accustomed that you are home with him, what happens when you go back to work and he is left alone at home…

For these reasons you have to be able to pay more attention to your dog, play with him, have more walks outside with him, get rid of that excess energy he has. Your dog needs to learn a new daily routine and also be able to be without you even when you are home to avoid any separation anxiety in the future. If you can not provide these you might want to bring him to us at Koiraparkki. We will ensure he has got playmates, he gets to go to dog park,  to parks, to run and jump and sleep and play…