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Best Christmas present for any dog

Once again you wonder what to buy for a dog that has got already everything.

Get a Gift card for your dog or a doggy friend! You can choose a 3 hr play date at day care, or couple of day care days, or maybe a hotel weekend at Koiraparkki dog hotels Espoo or Helsinki. Gift card is valid at all our venues.

You can decide what you want to give or how much it is worth. Choose from our services listed below or choose  an amount you want to give.  (all options listed in our order form) the Gift Card will be printed accordingly.

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Give a Gift Card to Koiraparkki dog day care or hotel!

Gift card is valid for 12 months and is not transferable to a third party.
You can choose if you want the Gift card printed with a Chrismassy envelope or in a digital form (jpeg or pdf). You can choose from 2 colors red or black (- please state in order form)
The payment is either by bank transfer or bank card or CC. Also you can pay at our premises by CC or bankcard.

The Gift Card is ready to be delivered by mail, email or pick up from our venue in 5 days after receipt of payment.

INFO  +358 456 133 212  or info (at) koiraparkki.com

Gift Card 1

Choose from our services:

Gift Card price

1 day dog day care 38 euros
2  days at dog day care 75 euros
3 days at dog day care 110 euroa
Weekend Fri am to Sunday pm ie.  2 ,5  days  160 euros
1 Hotel stay  55 euroa
2  nights at hotel  110 euros

The Gift Card must be used for the service on the card

ORDER  – all options available on the order form

Gift Card 2

Choose an amount you wish to give as Christmas present.

For example 110 euros

You can choose any amount that suits to your budjet and the Gift Card can be used in parts ie. one night at hotel at  55 euros  and later one day at day care on Sunday  etc.

Check our services here 

ORDER  – fill out the order form and the choose the amount

All matters please contact us 0456 133 212 or email info(at) koiraparkki.com