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Studio photography for Christmas pictures available at Koiraparkki 25.11 - have your dog photo portrait taken at daycare

That funny expression or your dog with his favorite toy captured in a photograph for Christmas. Or get a portrait made of you and your dog and make a framed print  to your wall.


Get a studio quality Christmas theme photograph of your dog taken by a professional photographer Monday 25.11 at Koiraparkki at 85 euros. You will get 4 studio quality digital pictures and 10 christmas cards to be sent to your friends and family!
Loistokoira is a company that specializes in animal photography and now they bring their PopUp studio to Koiraparkki  once in a month. Loistokoira has a new concept that allows you to set the stage and create a memorable theme  for your dog’s photo-session, or for your whole family’s photo session. Read more of Loistokoira.fi. f

“Those who want to feel and live everyday’s life to the fullest” 

The photo session can be with just a colorful background or  a stage setting with props (themes  change monthly). You can check the different themes by clicking the link in the photos. You may also bring your own props to the set or you can arrange a photo session to be set in your own home. For more info  www.loistokoira.fi 

The themes and staging at Koiraparkki change monthly. There are several theme options  for each month, and a portrait with just a color background without props is possible each month.

For more information www. Loistokoira.fi 

puh. 050 3213 450 (ma-pe klo 9-18)

“For those who require something to break the everyday life”

A studio quality photo portrait of your dog.
The portrait can be also of you together with your dog


For more information


+358 456 133 212

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