Dog training at Koiraparkki

Dog training during Dog Day Care day or private sessions to solve dog´s problem behavior during evenings and weekend

Get a professional Dog Trainer to help you change your dogs unwanted behavior for good.

Do you need help with your dog, do you have problems with your dogs behavior that need solving. 

Let Animal trainer Jasmin Tolvanen  help you with your dog on daily routines and other matters or change dogs behavior on unwanted issues. Jasmin is available at our Kamppi and Vuosaari venues on Fridays and Saturdays. Booking in advance is required.

We train your dog during Dog Day Care day or you can come and meet Jasmin in the evenings or on Saturday for a private session, or meet at your home.

Jasmin Tolvanen

Certified Animal Trainer

I am Jasmin Tolvanen and I am Certified Animal Trainer  (Amiedu Taitotalo 2019). 

I am full time dog trainer at Taitoa Tassuihin dog training/ Dog School and I also train dogs privately at clients homes, and offer dog training sessions through my own company.

you will not get what you want, you will get that  you enforce – tommy wiren”


Every dog owner is obligated by society to train their dog and to ensure that the dog becomes a good dog citizen.

By training your dog, especially big breeds, you ensure the safety of other people and dogs.

Every dog needs brain work and stimulation to feel well and to become a balanced pet, so by training your dog you also look after his mental well being.


Private training sessions

Kamppi and Vuosaari on Saturdays

Does your dog have a problem but you are not so sure what is the problem. Or are you just concerned or worried about your dog´s behavior.

Come and meet Jasmin at Kamppi or Vuosaari, and let her help!

You can then discuss what can be done, how to solve the issue and how to continue.  She can plan a training schedule for you.


vuosaari koirahotelli koiraparkki


Helsinki and Vantaa

Would you like to meet with Jasmin alone and in your own privacy, your own home. You can discuss in peace and quiet, plan how to continue and Jasmin can do an evaluation.

Make a booking for home visit and Jasmin can make a schedule and individual training plan for you.



Dog training during Dog Day Care

Kamppi and Vuosaari Fridays

Let Jasmin train your dog during Dog Day Care for 20 mins in matters  to your choosing. 

You will receive an email with thorough instructions and training plan.

What to train: basic handling, nail clipping, leash training, meeting other dogs,  essential obedience training, tricks etc. 




I am Jasmin Tolvanen, a certified Animal Trainer from Vantaa. I graduated from Taitotalo Amiedu 03/2019. At the moment I am working as professional Dog Trainer at Taitoa Tassuihin Dog School but I also offer private Dog training lessons and make home visits through my own company.

I also volonteer at Vantaa Quide Dog School since 2020, and foster a service guide dog, a male labrador retriever,  who is turning one year old in Autumn. He will be trained as a guide dog for blind person.

I also have a german shephard bitch 5 yrs old . With her we have done all kinds of training and games –  at the moment  Nosework.

As a dog trainer I am positive and firm, supporting and demanding if needed. All clients are treated as individuals and get my personal attention at all times.

My dog training is conducted by using positive reinforcements and following Animal Welfare Act rules and regulations.


# Private training session (1h-1h 30min)
Price 50€

Saturdays kl 12-18

Dont have a clue why your dog is behaving badly, or is dog´s behavior really problematic or you just need an individual training schedule. We will meet you at your home or at our venues at Kamppi or Vuosaari .

Price incl.  Dog´s wellbeing evaluation and individual training plan

#Consecutive sessions (60min)
Price 40€

Individual tailor made private lessions on Saturdays 12 – 18

#Individual private training session
Price starting 65€/wk

Saturdays 12-18 or other day (check availability) Price depends on how much support and help is required weekly

Incl. 1-2 session /wk
for 60 mins 

Txtmsg/calls included (clients can call at set times and dates, emails and msg are answered asap.)

Dog Trainer is coaching client and support home training


#Nosework- day (Kamppi or Vuosaari) Price 10€

Dog Day Care training session for Nosework basics 20 mins on Fridays 12-17.30


#Nosework- training set

Inlc. Eucalyptus etc. jars 50 pcs and training instructions and plan. 

Package can be picked up from Kamppi or order by mail delivery (postage added) 

Nosework basic training session for buyers (30min) = 19,90€ (Normal price 25€)

Sesson is held at Kamppi or Vuosaari venues on Saturdays



Dog Day Care training (30min)


Training session on issues, wishes or requests you describe in your booking form. We evaluate your dogs behavior and plan a training schedule.

Incl. training evaluation report and training plan instructions

(nail clipping, basic commands, essential obedience training, leash training etc.)

NOTE: this requires that you have a booking for dog day care day at Kamppi or Vuosaari, please contact Koiraparkki for bookings!

Puh 0456 133 212

All kinds of dogs and all breeds are welcome for training sessions. No age or breed limits.
Nosework training during Dog Day Care  requires a booking for day care. For new dogs please read requirements for  attending Day Care!
Booking by phone 0456 133 212
email info@koiraparkki.com 

or book HERE

Please write NOSEWORK training on booking form and you will be booked for that at the same time as you book for day care.

Do you have a problem with your dog or a dog with a problem? Let professionals first assess your dogs behavior and what other problems or issues it may have.  Then we start thinking how to solve those issues and problems. Dog training is only one way to solve a problem.  Before you start dog training you also need to make sure that your dog is not suffering from medical problem or physical pains that cause the problem behavior.

Professional Animal Trainer can also  give you pointers and help you with breed specific issues and other problems, what to concentrate on or how to train.

Dog training is not a sole answer to all problems but it will help!

contact dog training koiraparkki

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