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Dog hotel Koiraparkki Herttoniemi

In Herttoniemi we are in brand new, large and spacious premises –  only 600 mts from Siilitie metroasema. Few minutes drive from Itäväylä and Itäkeskus, and about 15 min drive from Helsinki City center. 

Our premises consists of a hotel side and daycare side, areas for active dogs and a large play area with Agility track and lots of room to run. There are spacious more quiet separate rooms for those who do not care for activities or want peace and quiet. All our hotel dogs can play and go out with our daycare dogs so there are always playmates around – nobody has to be alone.

The Roihuvuori greenery and park is just around the corner so this place is ideal for outdoor activities and walk. Dog park is also only minutes away.

This dog hotel premises are designed for comfort and cozynes,  for indoor activities and we are totally cage free. Staff is around 24/7 and here your dog will have a truly 5 star holiday. Come and check us ou


Koiraparkki - most luxurious dog accommodation


Please read the general requirements for dogs before booking your holidays with Koiraparkki. We have an open pack settings which requires that your dog must be able to cope in a pack of several dogs, all size and breed and age. We reserve the right to cancel your booking and remove your dog from the hotel should your dog not fit into the pack environment.

Dog hotel is open for all kinds of dogs as long as they fill the requirements. Please remember to book early as we only accept 10-12 dogs at a time and during high season the hotel is in great demand. We will confirm all bookings in writing. All dogs need to come for a visit about one hour so that we can assess your dog and his bahavior. If all goes well your dog is welcome to stay at our hotel.

NOTE we do not accept dogs in heat. You must wait 4 weeks after the heat before your dog can check in.

You can contacat us by calling, emailing herttoniemi@koiraparkki.fi or filling our booking form 

We are very different!

We are an European style Dog Hotel – we have no cages or contain dogs into separate stalls. All dogs are staying together unleashed and are free off leash We take only 10 dogs at a time so we can give each dog the care and attention it needs. The dogs get TLC, snuggles, get to watch TV and chill on the sofa with us, or in the armchair, where ever they want. Your dog spends his holiday just like at home. Your dogs holiday is stress-free and funfilled , he stays with his furry friends, playing and roaming around the house. At Herttoniemi dog hotel your dog will have a 5 star holiday!

All dogs are welcome regardless of age, size, race or gender, as long as he gets along with all other hotel dogs. We take into consideration the breed specific needs and behavior. BUT, same rules and requirements as at daycare apply!  Your dog must be able to stay with others without getting agitated. Your dog should not bully others, must not be aggressive, is house broken and knows dog language. Dogs are staying all together in one house, big, small, old and young dogs all sleep, play, go out together as a pack.

If your dog needs special attention (dietary, age, related allergies, illnesses, convalesces, etc.) you must tell us when booking. If necessary, we can offer a completely separate space for your dog!!

The hotel accommodation includes everything that a dog needs: i.e Food (kibble, raw food or fresh wood), all treats, walks in the forest and fields, visits to dog parks, access to garden and yard, accommodation off leash in an open pack setting with other dogs. If required, separate space can be arranged at a fee, all  snacks as well as taxes are included.  In addition, we send photos and videos every day for you to see how your dog is doing. We never charge anything extra on top of the agreed price.

Dog hotel is open every day between 07 and 21 as we want to quiet everything down for the night. Dogs can be brought in and picked up only at times agreed, the time must be set 24 hrs in advance.  Basically you can bring your dog at the time that suits you best. The overnight starts when you bring the dog to us. The dog should be picked up on departure day no later than 4 H within the starting time, pick-up can not be later than at 9 pm. Exceeding that 4-hour period causes minimum charge of 10 € per hour. Pick-up must be agreed at least couple of hours in  advance.

Bring harness and leash and collar, no flex. If your dog is using rain- or winter coat, bring it along. Don’t bring dog bed (everybody is sleeping on it) or toys (they will snatch them), just a blanket or a towel or T-shirt with your smell on it. We will put it where your dog decides to sleep, sometimes a familiar smell calms the dog when a bit stressed or if homesick. We never leave the dogs alone, someone is always with them and watching over them, also at night.

Dog hotel reservations can be made by phone or email or by completing the booking form. (also found in pricelist). Bookings are always confirmed in writing, you will receive a booking confirmation through email.  Reservations can be made one year in advance or even on the same day, if we have availability. For seasonal bookings, reservations should be made several months in advance due  to high demand.  High seasons are school holidays, summer months and most popular public holidays. During high season there are higher prices in place.

You can see the seasons in the pricelist.

Hotel booking cancellation must always be made in writing via email or txt message, or if the cancellation is made by phone, we always confirm it in writing. Reservations can be cancelled without cancellation fees at no later than 5 days before the start of the holiday. For cancellations made later than that we charge a cancellation fee of 20% – 50% of the holiday price, depending on the date of cancellation. Cancellation terms are in the booking confirmation. In NoShow cases, we always charge the full price.

Note! For high season bookings cancellation can be made free of charge 10 days before the start of the holiday. Cancellation fee is 50% – 100 % of the full price if cancellation is made within that 10 day period.

Dog hotel wakes up early, usually about 6.30 we are out and about. After that, there is a morning meal, some playing & other activities, napping, and at 11 am we go for a long trek either to the woods, to Roihuvuori greenery or to nearby dog park. We are often outdoors for a few hours. In the afternoon the dogs sleep, watch Tv,  some are wrestling & playing, running  until 3 pm, that is the time for our afternoon outing. Again, we are outdoors for a long time, at least an hour, after which the dogs are playing and chilling until 6 pm the time of the evening meal. Then they sleep and relax and play, if they still have energy left they are up until 10 in the evening, that is the time for evening pee&poo. After that the house quiets down and only a sound of snoring is heard, everyone is fast asleep – to his own corner or on the sofa, where ever. 
We send whatsup videos and pictures to all dog owners each day, you are kept up to date how your dog is doing.

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