come and play! Get your pup socialized! Come join our gang at dogpark!
come and play! Get your pup socialized! Come join our gang at dogpark!

Sahaajakatu 35, courtyard, 00880 Helsinki
herttoniemi (at) koiraparkki.fi
+358 44 244 2655

Koiraparkki Herttoniemi dog daycare


oiraparkki Herttoniemi is located close to Siilitie Metro station within minutes from Itäväylä and Itäkeskus. Our premises are modern, specially designed for us and our dogs, and for our daily activities.

 We offer different spaces for different dogs. We have a proper agility track inside for active dogs and lots of room to play and run. And we have separate spacious and comfortable spaces for hotel dogs and for those who need peace and quiet. Something for every dog! 

Our premises are designed for 15 – 20 dogs daily.

We are situated only 600 mts from Siilitie metro station and minutes from Itäväylä, easy access to everybody regardless how you arrive. The Roihuvuori greenery and dogpark is right around the corner so this place offers wonderful outdoor activities as well.  Our dogs enjoy daily long walks in forest, parks and by the sea,  play with other dogs at dogpark and have a peaceful stay at our premises. 

Herttoniemi doggy daycare near itäväylä and Itäkeskus. Check our FAQ after the pics.


All new dogs are welcome to visit and meet with us. Book ahead! We can then agree upon an initial visit for you to meet us and see your dog likes us. If that goes well we will then book an assessment/ trial day, which is max 4 hrs long, free of charge.  After a successfull assessment day your dog is welcome to our daycare.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes and ages are welcome. Your dog must be socialized and get along with all sorts of dogs without getting anxious. If your dog has never been in the company of other dogs or visited the dog park, it does not prevent from attending daycare. Dogs must be house broken, have basic obedience training and know dog language “etiquette”. If  your dog shows signs of anxiety and trembles, is aggressive towards other dogs or people, you must come and pick him up ASAP in the middle of the day. Unfortunately, not all dogs are fit for an open pack setting and therefore do not fit into daycare.

Your dog should be at least 5 months old, but we do make exceptions. Bear in mind that we are indoors, we have carpets, soft furniture so your dog must be house broken. Similarly, dogs must be somewhat socialized in order to cope with the others, in a open pack, without getting anxious. Your dog must also manage to be alone without his humans, and not get panicked. A dog is never too old to come to daycare!

Your dog must be well exercised in the morning before coming to us,  and have done his bathroom routine. We do not take your dog out for you in the morning. Your dog must be healthy, vaccinations (DHPPI, rabies, kennel cough,) must be up to date. If the dog has a stomach flu, diarrhea, cough or is clearly apathetic, he can not come to us. If your dog is a female and is not spayed, and is coming into heat so that all boys are sniffing eagerly, she can not attend daycare. If we notice during the day that your dog is ill, we ask you immediately pick him up and meanwhile will isolate him from others

For male dogs, we look at each case separately. We have neutered and unneutered dogs, both are welcome but: Hope he does not spray (if does, gets a diaper), does not hump or dominate the others and does not brawl and cause problems. Severe male aggression causes the dog’s removal from the day care immediately.

Puppies are fun and cute but they also need to be trained for the become good dog citizens. That´s where day care can help. You can bring your puppy as soon as he is ok with other dogs and has got all necessary vaccinations shots. Your puppy can learn how to be with smaller, bigger, older and different kinds of dogs in safe environment. Other dogs will teach him how to behave and what is accepted in dog world.

Generally your female dog does not need to be spayed.

Dog in heat must not be brought to the daycare! The heat often begins before the start of the bleeding and the males react strongly to the smell. The heat lasts approx. 4-6 wks from start to finish, often up to 8 wks. The general guideline is that she can not come untill 4 -5 weeks after the heatcycle (4-6 wks). If the bleeding starts while at daycare the owner must pick up the female ASAP

No one is perfect and dogs, just like people, have bad days – it does not prevent a dog from coming to daycare. However, we cannot take a dog that is suffering from very big problems or is too anxious and nervious. All dogs are evaluated (trial day) before the decision is made, we are assessing the behavior and character. If the dog’s problems are such that its behavior can be helped by being in an open pack settings (separation anxiety, shyness, lack of confidence, learn doggy language, socialization, etc.) or by training (basic obedience training, dominance, leash agression etc.), your dog can be brought into daycare, as long as you first meet with our instructor or dog trainer to agree as how to proceed. Problem behavioral training is also possible at a fee. NOTE We do not raise or train your dog for you, it is your job, but we will help and participate!

Our prices can be found in our pricelist, our rates include daycare, 2 outings and treats. The food is not included