Hourly booking min
2 hrs – 20 euros,

all hours after that 7 euros/hr

Bookings Mon-Fri max 5 hours at Kamppi  tai Latokaski
Call or email for reservation!

Does your dog need a boost in life, a friend or just a rampage?
Try our hourly service!

Sometimes the need for dogcare is shorter than a full day, then the book by hour daycare is a good option. This can be at Kamppi or in Latokaski. The hourly option is for an occasional need and must be booked min 24 hrs in advance. 

Hourly booking can be max 5 hours long

You can bring your dog at the time that suits you best, and pick up at the desired time, as long as it does not exceed the 5 hrs limit, at the hour.


The general rules apply, meaning that the dog must be social, get along with other dogs without getting anxious, and the dog must not be aggressive. All vaccinations should be up-to-date, deworming as well.


  • Hairdresser
  • Meeting someone for dinner, lunch or coffee
  • Business meeting
  • Cleaning
  • Your puppy needs socializing
  • PlayDate for your dog
  • Your hobbies need your attention
  • Allergic friend coming to visit
  • Shopping. etc.

For more information

+ 358 456 133 212